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Podmore Board

Board Member – Kelly Breen

Kelly Breen is the Human Resources Officer and Assistant Practice Manager at a busy Sydney Medical Practice. She has over 15 years’ experience in the operation and administration of pharmacies and medical clinics in the Eastern Suburbs. Through her work, Kelly assists individuals in difficult situations and those less fortunate than most. Her compassion, youth and enthusiasm make her an asset to the organisation and Kelly looks forward to continuing to contribute to Podmore for many years to come.

Board Vice President – Ian Gordon

Ian graduated from RMC Duntroon in 1973 and enjoyed 39 years of military service before retiring in 2009. His last appointment was as head of Mission of the UN Truce Supervision Organisation in the Middle East. Ian now published deluxe books by Australian authors.

Board Public Officer – Les Bienkiewicz

Les and his family came to Australia as a “10 pound Pom” in 1959. He graduated from RMC Duntroon in 1974 and undertook a number of staff and logistics postings in Australia and post graduate training in Australia and advanced logistic management training the USA. Les has a number of degrees and post graduate qualifications in management and science and is a graduate of the Australian Command and Staff College. After moving to Canberra in 1988 Les settled in Canberra and left the Australian Army as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1991. He then pursued a career in the Public Service …

Board Treasurer – Duncan McInnes

Duncan graduated from RMC Duntroon in 1972 and served in Field Artillery Regiments, as an Instructor at the Officer Cadet School Portsea and in staff appointments at Headquarters Training Command in Sydney. In 1990 Duncan left the Army to take up an executive role at NSW Parents Council, the advocacy group for parents with children at independent and Catholic schools. Over the following 16 years he made an acclaimed contribution for parents to the schooling agenda in NSW. Since 2007 Duncan has run a bookkeeping business specialising in owner-operated enterprises and family office services. Duncan is strong on family. He …

Board Secretary – Stacy Bosel

Stacy has a long history of coaching and mentoring, from his earlier days as a tennis coach, to his discovered enjoyment of technology (aka : closet Geek), to now as an IT Advisory Manager with KPMG Canberra. Stacy’s passions lie with his family, enjoyment of technology, travel, tennis and his attempts to play Golf. Stacy brings to the Podmore Foundation a diverse range of experiences that have consistently been around coaching, training and mentoring people of all backgrounds, experiences and educational levels. He has a passion for helping individuals achieve their potential through education, motivation and daring to dream. Stacy …

Podmore President – Bob Breen

Bob gives an enormous amount of his time and energy to leading the Podmore Foundation as its President. Bob brings to the Podmore Foundation a strong commitment to return the opportunity he received when he won a scholarship to Duntroon. The scholarship and the education and training in good company that followed strengthened his character, established lifelong friendships and gave him his inspiration to be of service to his country’s defence. He is a qualified company director, bringing organizational, financial, governance and communication skills developed while managing his vocational education and training business and participating in a variety of voluntary …