Establishment of the Podmore Trust

The Podmore Foundation will soon close, and will be replaced by the Podmore Trust, administered by the CGS Foundation.

For over ten years, the Podmore Foundation has provided educational scholarships, financial assistance and personal development opportunities to Indigenous students from disadvantaged backgrounds at several of Australia’s top independent schoolsIn response to a declining membership base and lack of nominations to fill key Board positions, the Board has decided to transfer the governance of the Podmore mission and funds to Canberra Grammar School (CGS), an independent school with a vision for the education of Indigenous Australians with determination and talent but lacking financial resources.

With shared values, common interests and synergies, the Podmore Foundation and the CGS Foundation have established the Podmore Trust within the CGS Foundation to continue an Indigenous Australian scholarship program modelled on Podmore scholarships. Podmore Foundation funds have been transferred to the Podmore Trust account administered by the CGS Foundation.

Formal Establishment of the Podmore Trust
(L-to-R: David Retter, Secretary, Podmore Foundation; Dr Justin Garrick, Principal, Canberra Grammar School; Peter Daniel, President, Podmore Foundation; Julie Gilfillan, Board Member, Podmore Foundation)

The Podmore Foundation will soon formally close as an independent charitable organisation on 14 December 2018. 
Your donations should now be made to the Podmore Trust from now on. Donations should be made to the Podmore Trust via the CGS Foundation website, using the following link -


Please enter your name, address and payment details;, in the dropdown box under ‘I Choose to Support’ select ‘Scholarships Campaign’ followed by ‘The Podmore and CGSFoundation Indigenous Scholarship’, and select ‘Donate’ to finalise your donation. Tax receipts will be sent out after the end of each month.

For news of the Podmore Trust and the ongoing Indigenous scholarship program managed by the CGS Foundation go to In due course, the site will be updated to provide information on the Podmore Trust and will provide updates on our scholarship recipients.

On behalf of the Podmore Foundation, we thank you for your support, friendship and contributions over the past 11 years, and for the significant impact your support has had on our scholarship recipients, and their families and friends. We hope that you will continue to support our current and future scholarship recipients through the Podmore Trust.