Happy New Year – An Update on the Way Ahead

The Podmore Foundation recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM). During the AGM, the Podmore Foundation’s Management Committee and membership base discussed the way ahead.

The Podmore Foundation’s Management Committee met for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 14 December 2017. At the AGM, a number of issues were discussed, including a declining membership base. Additionally, several key Management Committee positions were not contested and consequently not filled.

As a result, the Podmore Foundation’s Management Committee is reviewing options for the way ahead, and we are pleased to advise you that we have several exciting opportunities that we are pursuing to allow us to continue Returning Opportunity. In the meantime, the current Management Committee will continue in their current roles and Podmore will continue to provide support to our scholarship recipients.

We hope to have more information for you by February on the future of Podmore.

On behalf of the Podmore Foundation, we wish you and your families a very New Year, and thank you for your ongoing support to the Podmore Foundation.