Help them to reach their potential

It is hard for anyone to reach their potential without a good education, as well as opportunities for personal development and to follow their dreams.

Talented and determined Indigenous kids from the bush  -  the next generation of Indigenous leaders and role models – need these opportunities.

[threecol_one][/threecol_one] [threecol_two_last]The Podmore Foundation is working with implementing partner, Yalari  and philanthropic partners KPMG-Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy Graduates Association, the Duntroon Society and the Caroline MacDonald Foundation, as well as many other benefactors, friends and supporters to help specially-selected Indigenous children from rural and remote communities and towns to climb a mountain of success that begins with a great education.[/threecol_two_last]


Ordinary Australians, who are grateful for their good education in good company, Returning Opportunity to extraordinary kids.