Kye, Podmore Foundation Scholarship Recipient Featured in CGS “Outlook”

The Podmore Foundation’s inaugural scholarship recipient at Canberra Grammar School (CGS), Kye, was featured in the CGS “Outlook” publication. Congratulations to Kye and his supporters, and a thank you to Podmore’s benefactors for helping Kye realise this opportunity!

Kye commenced Year 7 at CGS in 2016 and has already had a rich impact on School life. He has performed to an academic standard and has thrown himself into the opportunities available here. He plays Rugby Union for the School and also helped to achieve a successful Grand Final win for his Rugy League club side. Aye gave a traditional welcome in his own Kamilaroi language at Presentation Night this year, and his fellow students were able to experience him performing on didgeridoo at School Assembly. Kye’s whole House had the opportunity to take part in a traditional smoking ceremony on 19 July, with the students of Burgess House privileged to be part of the ceremony and to be educated in Indigenous culture by Kye’s father, Brad. We are delighted to have Kye here at CGS and are sure he will continue to thrive as he heads into Year 8.

An excerpt from the CGS 2016, Semester 2 Outlook can be downloaded here: CGS Outlook 2016 – Podmore

Download the full CGS 2016, Semester 2 Outlook publication here: CGS – Publications and Media.