Larissa Awarded CGGS Principal’s Award for Outstanding Performance

At the recent Graduation Dinner and Presentation Night for Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) held at Parliament House on 1 December 2015, Larissa was awarded the CGGS Principal’s Award. Congratulations Larissa!

The text of the award is as follows:

The Principal’s Award is the highest award that the School makes to a student.  It is awarded to a Year 12 student for outstanding performance in any School activity.”

The student must have:

  • attained an outstanding level of achievement in a particular field and received recognition both within the School and in the wider community;
  • given encouragement and guidance to other students in the School;
  • supported the core values of the School at all times;
  • shown consideration for others while pursuing the particular activity; and
  •  fulfilled the criteria of the School Colours.”

In presenting the award, Larissa was acknowledged as being a “trailblazer for others.”

Podmore Foundation Board Member Dr Bob Breen was proud to attend the evening with Larissa, her Mum and her Great Grandmother:

Yalari and the Podmore Foundation can take great pride in Larissa’s many achievements.  The CGGS Principal’s Award is the culminating milestone of her secondary education but is the first of many in a destiny that has been enabled by her attendance at CGGS and the love and sacrifice of a wonderful mother and family, as well as the support and encouragement she received from Yalari and Podmore.

Most significantly, Larissa has shown that she has the character to meet future challenges and the dedication to do her best in everything she sets out to do - and make a difference.

Congratulations again to Larissa on a very well-earned achievement!