Podmore Foundation Announces Management Committee for 2016

The Podmore Foundation Management Committee for 2016 was elected at the recent Annual General Meeting. Podmore wishes a warm welcome to its new President, Narelle Sargent, and its new Vice President, Mike Goodyer. Outgoing President, Dr Bob Breen, will remain as a regular Board Member, and outgoing Vice President Mike Hyde will remain as an ex-officio committee member.

The Podmore Foundation Management Committee for 2016 will consist of:

  • President: Narelle Sargent
  • Vice-President: Mike Goodyer
  • Treasurer: Beth Mallett
  • Secretary: David Retter
  • Board Member: Julie Gilfillan
  • Board Member: Neil Greet
  • Board Member: Bob Breen
Podmore also appreciates the contribution of its ex-officio members and Directors, including:
  • Communications Director: Katherine Meagher
  • Mentoring Director: Melinda Ingram
  • Events and Fundraising Director: Kelly McDonnell
  • Ex-Officio Member: Mike Hyde

Podmore Foundation Management Committee (L-to-R): Narelle Sargent, Beth Mallett, Katherine Meagher, David Retter, Julie Gilfillan, Bob Breen. Absent: Neil Greet, Mike Goodyer. Photo courtesy Peter Breen.