Podmore Foundation Announces New Scholarship for Peter, Year 7, at Canberra Grammar School

The Podmore Foundation announced a new scholarship for Peter, an Indigenous student from Harrison, ACT, to attend Canberra Grammar School in Year 7 this year.

Peter has a keen interest in robotics and technology. He is proud of his Indigenous culture and participates in a dance group and contributes to Indigenous festivals and events with his father, who consults with organisations on Indigenous recognition, culture, history and building respect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

The new scholarship is jointly funded by Podmore, Peter’s family and Canberra Grammar School (CGS). Under the terms of the scholarship, Podmore and CGS will coordinate to provide pastoral care, mentoring, and support Peter as a future leader within his community.

The Podmore Foundation wishes Peter and his family the very best for an exciting and inspirational education at CGS. Podmore also thanks CGS and Podmore’s supporters and benefactors for making this opportunity for Peter possible.

This scholarship was recently covered in the CGS “Outlook” publication:

Offered in partnership with the Podmore Foundation and in consultation with local Indigenous communities, the CGS Indigenous Scholarship is awarded to a Year 7 student each year and provides nancial assistance and mentoring.

Canberra Grammar School offered the first CGS Indigenous Scholarship in 2016 [for Kye]. The scholarship aims to make a difference in the lives of young Indigenous Australians through the provision of the exceptional educational opportunities available here.

The Indigenous Scholarship programme aims to contribute to the development of an environment of respect and understanding at CGS, creating opportunities for Indigenous Australians to reach their full potential whilst educating all our students about Indigenous achievement, culture and contributions.

An excerpt from the CGS 2016, Semester 2 Outlook can be downloaded here: CGS Outlook 2016 – Podmore

Download the full CGS 2016, Semester 2 Outlook publication here: CGS – Publications and Media.