Podmore Foundation Sponsors Immersive Art Tour For Year 11 Student

The Podmore Foundation’s Board was pleased to announce it had decided sponsored an international art tour for Isabella, a Year 10 student at Canberra Girls Grammar School. The Europe Art and Textiles Tour provides CGGS students with exposure to famous artworks and artwork techniques at a range of locations in Singapore and Italy.

Isabella has been the beneficiary of the Brigadier Damian ‘Dolly’ Roche Memorial Scholarship since 2014, when she joined CGGS in Year 7. Speaking about the opportunity and her reasons for requesting sponsorship, Isabella said:

I have been a sketcher and have excelled in the arts since I was very young. Throughout my life I have also used art and drawing as a form of meditation and stress relief. As an Aboriginal Australian art has always been a very influential part of my life, as it has allowed me to connect with parts of my culture, and to connect to my people through their own stories, told through dance and paintings, rather than the negative image we have been given by stereotyping and the media.

I have also swapped my Legal Studies unit for Fine Arts for my ATAR assessment, and now will be completing year twelve with a major-minor in arts.

I like to consider myself very serious about my decision to move into the arts and have been actively researching university placements, internships and work placements within my preferred fields. I have also been in contact with my schools careers adviser and have visited and toured the ANU school of arts campus.

Isabella is currently receiving mentoring in her artwork from Carolyn Brooks, a commercial artist based in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, who practices graphic design, stencilling and prints.

The Podmore Board decided to sponsor this trip as it would Return Opportunity and help Isabella achieve her aims in studying Art into the future. Podmore is very grateful to its benefactors for supporting this opportunity, including Julie Gilfillan, Bob Breen and Glenn Crosland.