Podmore Runners and Packers Fundraising Page 2016

Help support a great cause by sponsoring a Podmore Runner and Packer at the City2Surf in 2016! Watch this page to see how much each participant has raised.

Below is a list of team members you can sponsor IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER for The City2Surf. At the bottom of the page is the red “DONATE ” button where your donation will be processed.

Make sure you enter the RUNNER NAME CODE for the runner you wish to sponsor.

Unallocated donations will automatically go to the whole team, so if you don’t wish to sponsor anyone specifically,  you don’t have to.  Please allow 24 hours for your donation to appear on the runner and teams tally board. Any questions, concerns or issues entering your runner name code, please email Kelly at  runners@podmorefoundation.org.au

OUR GOAL IS $10,000           OUR CURRENT TOTAL IS $4938.45



HOLLY ABBEY my runner name code is HOLLY  so far I have raised $325.00

CAITLIN ADCOCK my runner name code is CAITLIN  so far I have raised $0.00

EMILY ALDER my runner name code is EMILY  so far I have raised $50.00

ZACHARY ALLEN my runner name code is ZACHARY so far I have raised $0.00

LUKE ARDERN my runner name code is LUKE  so far I have raised $0.00

PARIS ASTILL-TORCHIA my runner name code is PARIS  so far I have raised $135.45

SARAH BAKER my runner name code is SARAH so far I have raised $898.00

JOHN BOYLE my runner name code is JOHN  so far I have raised $50.00

RILEY BRASSIL my runner code name is RILEY so fa I have raised $0.00

BRONTE CASTLE my runner name code is BRONTE  so far I have raised $0.00

JOSEPH CHILVERS my runner code name is JOSEPH so fa I have raised $0.00

WILL CRONIN my runner code name is WILL so fa I have raised $0.00

JORDAN DUCKWORTH my runner code name is JORDAN so fa I have raised $0.00

BRETT EASTON my runner name code is BRETT  so far I have raised $0.00

HARRIET FITT my runner name code is HARRIET  so far I have raised $0.00

LIZZIE FOOTE my runner name code is LIZZIE  so far I have raised $100.00

JACKSON FULLARTON my runner code name is JACKSON so fa I have raised $0.00

ISABEL GAVIN my runner name code is ISABEL  so far I have raised $0.00

JESSIE GLASSOCK my runner name code is JESSIE  so far I have raised $0.00

KI GLADDING my runner code name is KI so fa I have raised $0.00

ISOBELLA HALCROW my runner name code is ISOBELLA  so far I have raised $0.00

SCARLETT HAY my runner code name is SCARLETT so fa I have raised $0.00

JAMES HEAP my runner code name is JAMES so fa I have raised $0.00

ELLEN HOSKING my runner name code is ELLEN  so far I have raised $0.00

JENNY HUNTER my runner name code is JENNY so far I have raised $0.00

WALID JALIL my runner code name is WALID so fa I have raised $0.00

TARYN JOHNSON my runner name code is TARYN so far I have raised $435.00

JESSE JONES my runner code name is JESSE so fa I have raised $0.00

BREANNA LEE my runner name code is BREANNA  so far I have raised $0.00

CLINT MCDONNELL my runner name code is CLINT  so far I have raised $290.00

KELLY MCDONNELL my runner name code is KELLY  so far I have raised $1820.00

BRAD MANEN my runner name code is BRAD so far I have raised $360.00

REBECCA MANEN my runner name code is REBECCA so far I have raised $20.00

ZOE MELHUISH my runner name code is ZOE  so far I have raised $0.00

CASEY MITCHELL my runner name code is CASEY  so far I have raised $200.00

ALEXANDRA NEUSTRUP my runner name code is NEUSTRUP  so far I have raised $0.00

DANI-LEE ONEIL my runner name code is DANI-LEE  so far I have raised $100.00

JACK PALMER my runner code name is JACK so fa I have raised $0.00

GEOFF PIGGOTT my runner name code is GEOFF  so far I have raised $0.00

VICTORIA SMIT my runner name code is VICTORIA  so far I have raised $0.00

MICHAEL SNART my runner code name is MICHAEL so fa I have raised $0.00

ELIZA SOANES my runner name code is ELIZA so far I have raised $0.00

ANGELINA TATT my runner name code is ANGELINA  so far I have raised $0.00

KAYLEE VERRIER my runner code name is KAYLEE so fa I have raised $0.00

ALEXANDRA WALKER my runner name code is WALKER  so far I have raised $0.00

IMOGEN WILLSON my runner name code is IMOGEN  so far I have raised $0.00

NICK WOODS my runner code name is NICK so fa I have raised $0.00

TETYANA WOOTON my runner name code is TETYANA so far I have raised $40.00

MIHO YAMAZAKI my runner name code is MIHO  so far I have raised $0.00

SYENNE YOUNG my runner code name is SYENNE so fa I have raised $0.00


Don’t forget we need the RUNNER NAME CODE for who you wish your money to go toIf you have donated and forgot to add the runner name code, please just email runners@podmorefoundation.org.au and we will add it to the correct runners total.

Runner Name Code


John Boyle, Nicky Sanderman, Asa Masterman, Meaghan D’Arcy, Andrew Struik, Karen Abbey, David Whalan, Graham Abbey, Cheryl Matthews, Andrew Moore, Sarah O’Reilly, Amanda Lister, Heusen Mak, Suhasini Sumithra, Mariell Hall, Bianca Sorgese, Rhonda Bell, Simon Rice, Taryn Johnson, Mike Hyde, Robyn Baker, Nicholas Baker, Paul Cummins, Dave Retter, Mark Arya, Bob Breen, Paul Raftos, Patricia Cann, Josephine Maiuto, Clint McDonnell, Vladan Dimic, Dallin Beales, Brad Manen, Jessica Barnard, Natalie Jasprizza, Oleksandr Khoma, Martin McNamara, Anton Bogdanovych, Elena Iolovska, Paige Hoolahan, Blake Hoolahan, Tracey Blunck, Anthony Trump, Stephen Holmes, Thomas Lemmon, Damien McGrath, Jo Greenwall, Pauline Cue, Tracy Ng, Anna Wells, Thomas Ng, Jack Lovell, Lousie Mather-Mullard, Vanessa Rithcie, Ashleigh Tracey, Lynette Alder, Kim Malcolm, Wendy and Ken McDonnell, Angelisa Santomingo, John Boyle, Lyndel Foote, Greg Berdoukas.