Record Attendance at the Spring Lunch 2013

Over 65 friends and supporters of the Podmore Foundation gathered for a Spring Lunch late last year after the Annual General Meeting.

One of the pleasing developments was the attendance of representatives from the Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) Board and Parents and Friends (P&F), as well as the principal and staff from the CGGS Boarding House. In a speech, Bob Breen, President of the Podmore Foundation, announced a collaboration between CGGS and Podmore to produce a Reconciliation Action Plan. This effort recognises that while the school is providing a fabulous educational opportunity for scholarship recipients, the recipients are educating the school about how Indigenous Australians can achieve their full potential if they have the drive and receive the opportunity. In a way, the school is educating scholarship recipients and they are educating the school about reconciliation.

There was also a strong representation from philanthropic partners KPMG-Canberra and the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).