Running Before She Was Walking

14 year old Sarah–Cait, from Moree NSW, received the Yalari scholarship when she was 12 years old. As a result, she was introduced to the Podmore Foundation through Podmore’s President Bob Breen. During the last two years of study at Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) with mentoring and support from the Podmore Foundation, Sarah-Cait’s confidence, academic work and most of all her running skills have all improved greatly.

The Podmore Foundation raises funds to help implementing partner Yalari sponsor indigenous children from rural and remote communities to receive scholarships based on merit to some of Australia’s finest independent boarding schools. Podmore is about Returning Opportunity by funding the children’s extra-circular activities and education through our benefactors and by holding fundraising events while mentoring them voluntarily throughout their schooling.

Podmore Foundation President Bob Breen (L) with Sarah-Cait (R)

Sarah–Cait is an amazing French language scholar who is going overseas for the first time to Vanuatu in September for 10 days for French language immersion.

In Canberra, she is receiving coaching and mentoring from Australian world champion marathon runner Robert De Castella and hopes to join Rob’s “Deadly Running Team.”

Sarah-Cait was inspired to be a runner before she was even walking.

“I used to run non-competitively then started doing it competitively where I grew up in Moree in year 4,” Sarah-Cait explained.

In year 5, Sarah–Cait became inspired by Cathy Freeman when she heard of her accomplishment as the first Aboriginal to win an Olympic gold medal. Sarah-Cait says: “She inspired me to work harder than I have before.”

After receiving a Yalari scholarship to go to CGGS, Sarah-Cait left her home in Moree to live at the CGGS boarding house. Sarah-Cait’s mum is a single mother of two that had recently taken up foster care for two girls. Sarah-Cait visits her family during each school holiday period and knows they are very supportive of her and the achievements she has accomplished.

“Mum loves the opportunities CGGS is giving me,” Sarah-Cait says.

When Sarah-Cait came to CGGS she was really shy and didn’t want to socialise with anyone because she had come from a small town and states that “A few people are shocked that I am Indigenous”. With the support of Podmore and her mentors Sarah-Cait has developed into a “people person.”

“I am a person who asks more about you than talks about myself,” she says.

Sarah-Cait, along with several other Indigenous girls with similar stories to tell, will be joining our team at City2Surf in August this year in Sydney. They are grateful for the opportunity Podmore, Yalari and CGGS have given them to achieve their dreams. More information on how to join us in City2Surf this year is on our website. If you would also like to join us as a volunteer to mentor girls just like Sarah-Cait please contact our director of mentoring Narelle Sargent on 0407 829 433 or send her an email 

Tamara Shaw, Director, Communications and Public Relations