What We Do

Returning Opportunity to Indigenous Children

Podmore raises funds and mentors specially-selected Indigenous boys and girls from rural and remote communities and towns, who have received scholarships on merit to some of Australia’s finest independent boarding schools. Podmore assists implementing partner Yalari.

With $5,500 Podmore scholarships to help cover the significant financial gap between the means-tested ABSTUDY scheme and student fees and costs at independent boarding schools. As well, Podmore works closely with parents and guardians to ensure that Podmore scholarship recipients are not alone in meeting the challenges of a boarding school education.

The Podmore Foundation Scholarships and Yalari

Established in 2005, Yalari (www.yalari.org) now supports over 200 Indigenous children from rural and remote communities around Australia enrolled in 34 partnership schools. Indigenous educator Waverley Stanley and his wife, Llew Mullins founded Yalari.  Waverley’s own experience of attending boarding school at Toowoomba Grammar School over 20 years ago started him on the Yalari journey. Yalari draws its support from individuals, companies, philanthropic foundations and Government departments.

In July 2007 the Podmore Board met with Waverley Stanley. They were very impressed with the Yalari story and with the passion, drive and commitment that Waverley himself has for giving indigenous kids hope for a better future and a ‘hand up’ to achieve it. The Podmore Board decided to help Yalari.

Podmore Scholarship Recipients

Our 2017 scholarship recipients are:

  • Aubrey, Year 12, St Ignatius, Riverview
  • Isabella, Year 11, Canberra Girls Grammar School
  • Angelina, Year 9, Canberra Girls Grammar School
  • Kye, Year 8, Canberra Grammar School
  • Peter, Year 7, Canberra Grammar School

Our recent graduates are:

  • Kyol, Scots College, Bellvue Hill, 2011
  • Lincoln, Toowoomba Grammar, 2011
  • Mitchell, St Ignatius, Riverview, 2012
  • Tegan, Abbotsleigh, 2013
  • Lincoln, St Ignatius Riverview, 2013
  • Rhianna, Abbotsleigh, 2014
  • Larissa, Canberra Girls Grammar School, 2015
  • Mia, Canberra Girls Grammar School, 2016
  • Lyric, Canberra Girls Grammar School, 2016

More information about 2015′s scholarship recipients and recent graduates can be found on this page: Scholarship Recipients for 2015

Supporting Organisations

The Podmore Foundation connects a number of organisations and networks to closing the gap in educational opportunities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Canberra Grammar School

Canberra Grammar School (CGS) is an Independent Anglican School offering outstanding academic education, co-curricular opportunities and pastoral care to day and boarding students of all backgrounds and faiths within a community guided by Christian values. Podmore is currently funding scholarships for two Canberra-based Indigenous children to attend CGS as day students.

Canberra Girls Grammar School - motto Be Yourself

Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) is an Independent Anglican School founded in 1926. Originally, CGGS originally supported three Yalari/Podmore scholarship recipients;  currently three Yalari scholarship recipients are boarding at CGGS.  Podmore provides $5,500 per annum to each recipient to assist Yalari with their school fees and allocates additional funds for personal development opportunities in Australia and overseas, as well as coordinating mentors and tutors and recipient participation in community events, and supporting their vocational aspirations.

KPMG – Canberra

KPMG is one of the world’s leading professional services networks. KPMG has become the first accounting firm to commit to a Reconciliation Action Plan that aims to help bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous opportunity.  To this end, KPMG Canberra supports Podmore scholarship recipients at CGGS through mentoring and provides a Secretary and a Treasurer, as well as administrative support pro bono to the Podmore Board.

Australian Defence Force Academy Graduates Association (AGA)

The AGA fosters camaraderie among ADFA graduates and promotes wider community interest in the ideals, objectives and history of ADFA by association with service and civilian organisations. The AGA funds a Podmore scholarship in its name.  Members of the AGA participate in Podmore fundraising events, such as the annual City2Surf 14 km run in Sydney.

Australian Defence Force Academy – Values: Do Your Best, Be Honest, Respect Others and Give Everyone a Fair Go

The Community Service group at ADFA participate with Podmore scholarship recipients in fundraising activities, such as the Sun Herald City2Surf Run in Sydney and Canberra Times Family Run and Walk.  Podmore scholarship recipients challenge themselves to complete the ADFA Over-the Water Obstacle course each year.

Duntroon Society –  motto Learning Promotes Strength

The Duntroon Society is the alumni organisation for the Royal Military College of Australia.  The Society promotes the Podmore Foundation among its members.